Us Tennis Open Travel

US Tennis Open Travel

\"USThe US Open is a very popular sporting event and it is expected that over 650,000 spectators will watch live tennis at the Tournament this year. So any traveller must remember that airports in New York will be very busy, it should be remembered that La Guardia and Kennedy International airports are close to the Billie Jean Tennis Centre, but Newark airport is some distance away.

Hotel prices vary but in the main are expensive, so you would be wise to book through a recognised agency, who offers a wide range of discounts.

Once in New York, you should be aware that it will be silly to drive to the Centre by car. Traffic jams are common place, but with a Tournament of this size they become unmanageable, parking is almost impossible too. If the New York Mets are playing at home, then virtually everything comes to a standstill, as their stadium is adjacent to the Tennis Centre.

The best way to get there from Central New York is to catch the number 48 bus, that goes straight to the Centre or alternatively take the Q23 or Q 58 to the junction of Corona/51st St and walk east to the Flushing Meadows.

The Long Island Railroad will get you to Flushing Meadows in 15 minutes. This is boarded at Penn Station on Manhattan Island.

There is also a subway route that takes you to the Centre within 30 minutes. Take the 1RT#7 from either Grand Central or Times Square. Disembark at Shea Stadium/Willets Point and it is a three minute walk from there.